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REPÚBLICA PAREDES - Fado de Coimbra / Carlos Paredes Memory

Within the scope of the REPÚBLICA PAREDES project, metaformações offers rooms for temporary accommodation, in Coimbra, close to several higher education institutions, such as ESEC, ISEC, Pole II of the University of Coimbra, including IPN (business incubator) and itecons.

Having started the activity in this branch, in the year two thousand and nine, since the beginning of two thousand and nineteen that this offer of rooms is associated with the project REPÚBLICA PAREDES.

The apartment is also close to other facilities such as Almashopping and Coimbrashopping, or Coimbra City Stadium and is situated in an area largely covered by services.

metaformações provides an offer of rooms at reasonable prices, and that takes into account current standards of quality and comfort. Without excluding other target audiences, it is preferably aimed at students finishing their bachelor program, at master's or doctoral level, or at professionals.

For any information or to schedule an apartment viewing, please contact metaformações.


Accommodation shall be provided by means of an annual renewable contract. Monthly payments are made by deposit or bank transfer, with one month in advance being paid, at the beginning, when the reservation of the room is made.
All payments are invoiced electronically.

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