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REPÚBLICA PAREDES - Fado de Coimbra / Carlos Paredes Memory

... Within the scope of the REPÚBLICA PAREDES project, two editions of the show REPÚBLICA CARLOS PAREDES were held so far, in 2007 and 2010, both in Coimbra, the city where the author and guitarist was born ...

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república carlos paredes 2010

Renew your MEMORY on September 30, 2010, at 9:30 p.m., at TAGV!


Dance - Lourenço Leitão (Solo - Variações Sobre Mudar de Vida)
Guitars of Coimbra - Ricardo Dias (Guitar of Coimbra), Bruno Costa (Guitar of Coimbra), Pedro Lopes (Classical Guitar), Ni Ferreirinha (Bass) and Ricardo Dias (Accordion)
Classical Guitar - Pedro Jóia
Jazz - Paulo Figueiredo (Piano), Bruno Costa (Guitar of Coimbra), Paulo Salgado (Saxophone), Luís Oliveira (Contrabass), e Luís Formiga (Drum).

Venue - TAGV


The aim of this show is to keep alive the memory of Carlos Paredes, the greatest exponent of the Coimbra Guitar (Fado de Coimbra), throughout its history, keep alive his repertoire, and renew it through innovative work, thus arousing interest in the Coimbra Guitar. Through their musical approaches, the artists bring a unique and current sound to Carlos Paredes' original repertoire.


Tickets are available at TAGV, Ticketline (FNAC, Worten, Dolce Vita, Abreu and El Corte Inglés), and through the Sábado Card. By paying an annuity on this card you can buy a ticket and get a free second one.

- Balcony - 17 Euros / Stalls - 24 Euros

lounge - After the show, there will be a conviviality with the artists' presence, at the Still Is restaurant, at Arcos do Jardim, in Coimbra.


- 11.09.2010 - 17h00 - FNAC Coimbra
- 12.09.2010 - 21h30 - Still Is
- 16.09.2010 - 17h00 - Press Conference, Forum Coimbra
- 18.09.2010 - Tarde - Stand, Forum Coimbra
- 19.09.2010 - Tarde - Stand, Forum Coimbra
- 23.09.2010 - Afternoon/Night - Promotional campaign in several places, such as Praça da República, Parque Linear da Quinta das Flores, Girassolum
- 26.09.2010 - Afternoon - Showcase, Forum Coimbra
- 28.09.2010 - Afternoon/Night - Promotional campaign in several places, such as Praça da República, Parque Linear da Quinta das Flores, Girassolum.


- FUTURE . Professionalism and Visibility in the GUITAR OF COIMBRA
- May 22, 2010

Lourenço Leitão - Intro
Pedro Lopes - Moderation

Paulo Soares - From Traditional to Professional Guitars
Ricardo Dias - The Guitar: Identity and Affirmation in Creation
Pedro Tenreiro - Challenges and Expectations of the Coimbra Guitar in the Music Edition
Joaquim Marques - Marketing Strategy for the Coimbra Guitar

Idealization, Promotion, Organization- Lourenço Leitão (metaformações)

Event Date - 22.05.2010 (4:00 p.m.)
Venue - Minerva Coimbra, Rua de Macau, 52, Bairro Norton de Matos, Coimbra

This debate promoted by the brand metaformações falls within the scope of the project of this brand "República Paredes", which began in 2007, a tribute show to Carlos Paredes.
With regard to the restoration of the event in 2010, it is proposed to discuss the professionalism of the Coimbra Guitar, since it has remained on an amateur basis, unlike Fado de Lisboa. The Guitar and the Music of Coimbra also undoubtedly have a lack of visibility, although they have an undeniable potential.
Two guitarists from the city, Paulo Soares and Ricardo Dias, a Valentim de Carvalho member, Pedro Tenreiro, and a Professor from the Portuguese Institute of Marketing Administration, Joaquim Marques, were invited to the panel discussion.

república carlos paredes 2007

REPÚBLICA CARLOS PAREDES is a metaformações' project based on the existence of Carlos Paredes, inseparable from the Guitar of Coimbra. Carlos Paredes and his father have a significant part of the repertoire of Guitar of Coimbra, the structuring element of the Music of Coimbra. Not only the repertoire, but also and particularly the visibility, owes the "Guitar of Coimbra", in large scale, to the author, here, honored .

This project, which is under development, is not limited to Carlos Paredes, but is open to the scope of the Music of Coimbra itself. It is also not restricted to the tribute show to the author, held on October 5th, 2007, in Coimbra, and is expected to be developed in the future.

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